some songs i like.

i love myself with you
i live my life for you
i love you and i hate you

since we broke up
i'm using lipstick again
i suck my tongue
in rememberance of you

リトライボタンは効かないMAD GAME
狂ってやれ! どこまでもYEAH!!!

if you can't get what you want
then come with me

she's made you some kind of laughing stock
because you dance to disco
and you don't like rock

shapes and colors are all i see

your heart changed
mine stayed the same
i don't recognize your voice when you say my name

yeah, everybody leaves
if they get the chance
and this is my chance

sound meets sound, babe
the echoes, they surround

Ты мой электрический ток, ты мой электрический то-о-ок
Я твой бездыханный цветок, я твой бездыханный цвето-о-ок

달려보고 싶어
조금 더

clean the records and laugh alone